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Welcome to our Pharmacy Shop

Premier Vanguard is here to supply you with all the products that you need to run your pharmacy. We supply anything and everything that is GNFR (Goods Not For Resale).


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Why choose Premier Vanguard?

Why us?

Premier Vanguard is one of the largest suppliers of pharmacy consumables in the UK, supplying over 1200 pharmacies nationwide. Contact one of our pharmacy specialists today to discuss your requirements.

About our products

From dispensing labels to medicine cabinets, we have all the consumables you need for your pharmacy. Our advanced range of MDS packs have become the most successful in the UK.

GNFR what?

GNFR stands for Goods Not For Resale. Goods Not For Resale are items that you would buy but would not directly sell to your customers. For example light bulbs, printer paper and dosette trays. Here at Premier Vanguard, we love GNFR as it's in our DNA click here to see why.